Whether you are planning on renovating your entire living room or you just want to add a piece that makes it pop like new, a custom entertainment center unit can be just the thing you’re missing.

Custom entertainment center units San Jose California:

How long does it take to get your custom entertainment center units made?
Custom built in wall units San Jose, CA: Quality custom cabinetry prices
Custom built in entertainment center units San Jose: do you provide design service?
Custom built in wall units San Jose, CA: TV wall units for living room and full wall entertainment center

These custom built-in wall units can be designed not only from a variety of different styles but also completely customized to fit your home and interior decor. With so many possible finishes and our promise that it will mix and match with the architecture and aesthetic of your living space, you can really rely on us for your top custom entertainment center units.

We add doors to your entertainment center wall unit to properly conceal cables and wires to provide a clean look that matches with your space.

You can also benefit from our decorative moldings and details that add just a bit more personalization and style to the room. The way we really invest ourselves building custom entertainment center units in San Jose, California, shows – in our entertainment center ideas, from decorative moldings to the lighting and functionality of our pieces.

Whether you want a pre-designed unit or are looking for a custom built-in entertainment center, read on to find out more about our services and how we at BayFront Cabinets can help!

Custom entertainment center units San Jose California: How long does it take to get custom entertainment center units made?

Especially if you are looking for a simple solution, you’ll want to get the fastest, as well. Knowing that we are one of the fastest companies delivering custom entertainment center units in San Jose, California, we can ensure you that your delivery and installation time definitely won’t take long.

However, the time spent on installation will depend on the style and type of luxury cabinetry you choose. Time can be tacked on if you choose to install it in the wall, itself or it can be reduced if you decide to go with a wall-mounted entertainment center with an entertainment center built out from engineered wood . They are cost efficient and look very attractive.

Extra additional features and styles for your media center can also make a difference. Even though you can easily decide to leave concealment features and dovetail construction off of the order, and thus reducing installation time, going with them and getting the very best can ensure a lifelong time of entertainment.

Custom entertainment center units San Jose: do you provide design service?

For the perfect built-in entertainment center, we will completely design and build not only a media storage solution but also a space of luxury and design. Whether you’re getting a wall-mounted entertainment center or one of our most wanted Oak solid wood entertainment center wall units, you’ll be amazed at the finished product we come up with.

If you’re looking for luxury, let us be your one-stop shop for built-in TV storage and seating with surround sound. We always add on features that hide unsightly cables or wires sticking out from everywhere.

We provide design services because we want to use the amazing experience we have at our disposal. That’s why we never sub-out our installations. We do all our own custom finishing and can match any existing furniture finishes and decor.

We realize how important the entire process is and that the install can make or break the job. Our team members are all seasoned professionals who do amazing work.

Custom built-in wall units San Jose, CA: Quality custom cabinetry prices

Even if you’re looking for luxury, you still might be on a budget. Choosing from a variety of pre-designed, modern entertainment centers can really help you maintain that budget. However, to help you estimate how much a project, like that of quality custom cabinetry, will cost, here are some numbers:

Normally, a 12’x8’10’ built-in entertainment center designed with oak wood with shelves and cabinets, will average at a cost from anywhere between $8,000-$9,500. $6,000-$10,000 or more.

To break down the cost of the entire process, here is where your money goes:

First and foremost, you need to pay for the labor of planning. Cabinet makers normally charge for the consultation and design process. With all the preliminary measurements, meetings, and designs, which normally take about a full 20-35 labor hours, the total cost will be anywhere from $1,400-$2,500.

Secondly, depending on the type of center you get, you’ll need to spend money on the materials. If you’re planning on using Oak wood, you may be looking at spending around $1,000.

Lastly, when choosing carpet, you’ll need to pay for the labor of the carpenter, which is normally around $70/hour. A project like this, depending on the size can take anywhere from three to five days. Just on labor, you’ll probably be spending around $1,500-$2800.

If you already have the basic entertainment center in place, you can still add in some extra features, however, be aware that this will definitely pull up the price. Some “improvement or enhancement costs” include:

Countertops: These will run anywhere from $20-$80 per square foot, depending on the style of tile that you choose.

If you want to add an electric fireplace to your area, you’ll have to budget in around $1,000 for the installation – and that doesn’t even include the heating system, which can vary the price completely.

Your total price can vary depending on the type of wood you order. Normally, fire wood and oak wood are the least expensive. However, if you’re looking for luxury, we’ll probably point you towards cherry or walnut.

If you decide to paint the wood, as well, expect around $100 more tacked on to the original price. However, this final finishing touch can add a lot to the system and overall look.

Custom built-in wall units San Jose, CA: TV wall units for living room and full wall entertainment center

Looking for an entertainment center for your living room and home space, you’ll need to factor in all sorts of things. However, one of the most important things to look at before hiring for a built-in center is the size and measurements.

When hiring BayFront Cabinets, we take care of it all. However, if you do not want to get blindsided and be prepared with some measurements, you can easily take a look at some of the important numbers.

On average, you’ll need shelves that are measured from 18 to 20 inches deep. That way, you can fit all the accessories and speakers comfortably. You’ll also want to look for an entertainment center that has different-sized modular components. This means that certain shelves are designed to fit certain things. The larger shelf units will hold your television, etc. The side or top units will hold your books or display items.

To prepare the measurements, take a look at your TV and your room. If you are planning on purchasing a brand new TV for your system, you’ll need to check out the size of your TV in a diagonal measurement, from corner to corner. You should also take note of the height of the TV, from the stand to the top of the frame, and width, from the end of the TV frame. If you aren’t planning on purchasing a plasma or flat-screen (which is rare these days), you’ll also want to make sure that the depth of your TV will fit inside the system.

For your room, you want to make sure that you have anywhere from 3-8 feet off space from your couch to your television. This distance will vary (within the range) depending on how large your TV is.

Custom built-in wall units San Jose, CA: Why we are better:

With all the options out there for hiring a custom wall entertainment maker, we are happy so many people choose us. Here are a few reasons why you should give us a call:

– All of our designers on our team have over two decades of experience, especially in the San Jose area. We have been your community’s go-to for custom cabinetry and closets designs for years. This sort of experience will ensure you great quality and commitment that goes along with our reputation.

– Our designs are not only custom-made, but they are also innovative and creative. We like to incorporate the latest technological advances and best of European and North American hardware into our entertainment centers.

– You’ll also be with the process every step of the way. From our first, 3D computerized design drawings and artistic renderings so you can see our vision for your space to the final product.

We also are homegrown, manufacturing our highest quality cabinetry right here in San Jose San Francisco Bay Area, California, unlike most of our competitors, who bring their materials from out of the state or even out of the country.

Give us a call now!

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