Products and Services
To build our cabinetry, we use solid wood and wood veneers, engineered and prefinished woods, along with solid and wood grain plastic laminates and thermofoil.
We use the best European and domestic hardware and accessories.

Wood and Wood Veneer Species
Alder has a straight grain and provides a neutral backdrop for a variety of finishes.
Birch is a heavy hard wood with a straight, somewhat open grain and accepts finishes well.
Cherry is one of North America’s finest hardwoods with a tight beautiful grain. It is very hard and is used to create some of the most striking cabinets. Cherry is often used with clear finish, which allows it to dramatically darken over time when exposed to natural light.
Mahogany is one of the premium cabinet woods. It is very hard with a somewhat open grain texture. It has for centuries symbolized beauty and luxury.
Maple is a hard, dense wood that accepts light finishes well and is very resistant against dings and nicks. This is a great wood for high traffic areas, it can used with a clear finish and will beautifully darken over time when exposed to natural light.
Red Oak is a hardwood with a straight open grain, and it has a slightly pink hue. The grain of Red Oak needs to be filled before finishing.
White Oak is a hardwood with a straight grain, and it accepts finishes well. White Oak is especially popular in rift cut veneer.
Walnut is one of the most beautiful cabinet woods because of its unique and exotic grain color and texture.
We also use Douglas Fir, Hickory, Lyptus and other wood species, including exotic wood veneers.
For laminated cabinets, we use American Laminates melamine, which is superior to other melamine panels because of its premium Western Pine core.
Western Pine is more costly to obtain and is the highest standard used in particleboard.
Western Pine has the long established reputation for excellent machining ability and screw holding capacity. Machining ability contributes to a perfect surface (no white spots) and minimum edge chip out in the field.
American Laminates finish has been refined to simulate an expertly sanded and multi coat satin finish often found on the most luxurious wood products at a fraction of the cost. There is no “rustic” or “ticking” look often found on less layered wood finishes. American Laminates melamine is the choice for those who want a “Fine Furniture Finish”.

When you see a beautifully crafted cabinet system, the finish is what you see first. To ensure impeccable quality and longevity, our finishes are entirely hand-applied and hand-wiped.
We use conversion varnish top coats, which are scratch and household-chemical resistant and have unmatched durability and beauty. Our enamel painted finishes are smooth, beautiful and will last for years to come.
Glaze is a semi-translucent stain or paint applied over surfaces and then wiped off by hand for an antique, patina look.
We can match any finish to blend our cabinetry into your house decor.

Murphy Wall-Beds
Get more from your home. Let us help you to turn your small space into a smart space.
Our Murphy Wall-Beds give you an extra bedroom when you need it, with the freedom of a functional space for  the rest of the year.
It’s like adding a room to your home at a fraction of the cost.
We will expertly design, build and install a Murphy Wall-Bed system customized to your unique space requirements.
This way you can combine a guest bedroom with a home office, media room, craft room, playroom, or even with a yoga studio.
Features and benefits:
Our quality Murphy Wall-Bed Hardware Systems are European engineered to the highest standards and ISO 9002 compliant, which means they comply with the most stringent engineering requirements and are backed by iron-clad warranties – both of which ensure you with a lifetime of trouble free operation.
Our Murphy Wall-Beds are rated for up to 1200lb  and are designed for everyday use for both commercial and residential applications.
Our spring-loaded mechanisms ensure effortless opening and closing. Our mechanisms are counter balanced to prevent your bed from unexpectedly falling. You can raise or lower your Murphy Wall-Bed with just one finger.
Unlike sofa beds and futons, Murphy Beds do not require any folding mattresses, so you are sleeping on a quality spring mattress without the bars and lumps associated with sofa beds and futons. The height of our Murphy Wall-Bed is comparable to a regular bed.
We provide both Vertical tilt and Side tilt Murphy beds in twin, full (double) and queen sizes.