Whether you are looking to hire a contractor, a designer or walk in closet makers in San Jose, California, you’ll need an expert to help you design the perfect walk in closet system for your style, home, and interior decor.

Walk in closet makers San Jose California:

How much is a walk in closet?
Walk in closet systems San Jose: What is a good size for a walk in closet?
Walk in closet makers San Jose California: How much does a custom walk in closet cost?
Walk in closet makers San Jose California: How much space do you need for a walk in closet?

When it comes to small closet designs or large walk in closets, we here at BayFront Cabinets know how to present you with your best options. Before you are convinced to work with us, let’s take you through a few questions you may have related to walk in closet designs and the entire process.

First off, are you looking for walk in closet designs for a master bedroom or a smaller bedroom? Do you have the space you need in your home to design a closet or will you need to make more room? What is your budget? These are all important questions to ask before looking to create and design your new closet for your new home.

Fortunately, we, as walk in closet makers in San Jose, California can help walk you through these questions, step-by-step to help you get the perfect product you’ve been looking for.

Walk in closet makers San Jose California: How much is a walk in closet?

Whether you’re looking for one of the most lavish walk in closet ideas or you just want the most basic walk in closet systems, you’ll have to budget out the entire project.

Fortunately, we know enough so that we could tell you that the price range of a walk in closet is going to be from $2,000 to $6,000However, if you’re going to be adding on other features, additions, and getting fancier systems, you’ll be looking at all those factors to raise the cost.

The price will also vary depending on the size you’re working with. Some of our customers even have converted entire rooms into walk in closets, with prices ranging between $20,00 to $50,000However, we will work with you to help install the perfect closet you’re looking for that goes into your target budget range.

Even though you might have seen plenty of helpful advice or hints telling you to take on this project yourself to save some money it can actually cost you in the long term since you might be making a few costly mistakes that will rear their ugly heads over the years. Investing in professional installation might initially be more than you bargained for but will definitely help pay out in the long run.

Walk in closet systems San Jose: What is a good size for a walk in closet?

Custom closets may seem to be a luxury item and choice for your home. However, being recognized as the best walk in closet makers in San Jose, we can make luxury affordable. Especially if you don’t have a lot of room to work with already built in your home, you might notice that the price range will definitely run cheaper – which is good news for you!

Normally, we recommend having a walk in closet measure out to be at least 6 feet wide. However, in the space you’re working with, you and your contractor/designer will also need to make sure to take corners and angles into account.

Six feet is also the minimum so don’t let that number throw you off if you’re thinking big – we’ve worked on homes that called for a walk in closet the size of a bedroom, measuring out at 150 sq ft and more!

The important checklist for us is that there is a 3-foot hallway into the closet and well into the depths of it all, allowing you to be able to move around to look for everything comfortably. The importance of size when measuring for a new closet also means that you need to make it tall enough, as well. You should have rods being placed at least 40 inches above the floor. For the taller rods for hanging garments, it’s best to place them 5 feet above the floor. These measurements are important to sort out before the installation process even begins.

Walk in closet makers San Jose California: How much does a custom walk in closet cost?

Not that we want to revisit the cost and pricing again – because nobody really likes to hear the damage being done to your bank account – we just want to let you know all the ins and outs of pricing when purchasing the creation and installation of a walk in closet.

As we mentioned before, it can be pretty expensive to create a customized closet for your home. However, you can easily take some costs away by considered better-budgeted options. If you need help staying within your budget range, we are always here to advise, here are just a few most common solutions:

Budget on Materials: The basic foundation of your closet can alter your price drastically. Whether you are using more expensive materials for the longevity and quality or if you’re trying to cut corners on price and choosing price-effective material, this first step can make or break your custom closet. If you are trying to budget, picking metal over wood and shying away from drywall may be the right choice. We also want to mention, that, it can be a good idea to avoid getting new flooring.

Budget on Location: Building a closet in your house can cost you – especially if you’re not doing it in the right place. If you’re planning on extending the area in your house just for a closet, you’ll even have to look into paying permits. You should try to avoid making structural changes to your house if you’re looking to stay on a budget. Your builder can help find space within the natural framing of your home.

Budget on Design: Go big or go home isn’t the case here. The most basic of designs can save you loads of money – especially if your goal isn’t luxury and it’s more practicality. How complex your desired design is will definitely have a lasting impact on your price.

Budget on Lighting: If the space you’ve reserved for your closet needs to be wired by an electrician, you can also assume that this would cost some money.

Walk in closet makers San Jose California: How much space do you need for a walk in closet?

There are certain portions or sections of your closet that are essential. There are also some add-on features or factors that can not only bring up the price but increase the space needed to build the closet. If you’re looking to work with a small amount of space, you’ll want to make sure that your walk in closet plans fit in a limited area – not around it. A custom-built organizational system can help various walk in closet systems to help make the space more efficient and work with whatever size your home has to offer.

Here are some ways to help save space in your closet:

You can add shelf units: Being able to store clothes or shoes high up on shelves not only solve a spacial problem but can also be extremely cost-effective.

You can use hanging bags: These bags make it easy to store clothes or items that normally would be hung but don’t have the space. You can place the items inside and then store them underneath a bed.

You can use valet rods: These rods are the perfect solution to get more hanging room since they go on the side of the shelves.

You can use shoe containers or plastic bins: Especially since shoes tend to just pile up – and smell – using specialized shoe containers can help save you money and time. You can alternatively use plastic bins to store shoes – as well as storing winter clothes in the summer season.

We hope that this information has helped you make a selection for your walk in closet solution. With over twenty years of experience, our expertise, our desire to offer your dream closet, and cooperation in meeting your budget, we can help you solve all your closet issues.

What sets BayFront Cabinets apart from other cabinet makers, besides the facts listed above, is that we use 3D computerized design to show you the future presentation of your final product. We display attention to detail and offer custom finishing to help match any existing furniture finishes and decor.

When looking to hire a closet maker in the San Jose area, we know that getting it right the first time is extremely important and saves everyone time and money. Although there are so many different options out there for closet making solutions, Our clients choose us for a reason, and we leave each and every one of them super happy with our services.

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