We know that every room in your home is an important one – even a closet – or should we say especially a closet. A closet is where you keep all your belongings, it’s where you choose your outfit for the next few hours, which can dictate how your entire day is going to go. When you wake up and choose your clothes, you’ll want to have a closet that makes it easy and makes it an enjoyable experience.

Walk in closet makers Los Altos California:

Getting that perfect experience starts with hiring the perfect contractor – and when it comes to walk in closet makers in Los Altos, California, we know that getting it right the first time for your taste and space is extremely important. This article will help inform on what we do best – making custom closet systems to fit your style and storing needs.

Whether you are looking for a walk in closet designs for a master bedroom or small closet designs, you can trust us in designing the perfect closet for your home.

Walk in closet makers Los Altos California: How much is a walk in closet?

Whether you’re going to choose one of the preset walk in closet designs that you found or pick from one of our walk in closet ideas, the price of installation is going to be around the same. As one of the leading walk in closet makers in Lost Altos, California, we’re here to present you with a closet to meet your budget.

Normally, an average installation will run between$2,000 and $5,000 However, the price for walk in closet systems can range anywhere from $1,800 to $7,000 or more depending on materials and and design options. You can even find some styles that cost just under$1,500. However, if you’re looking to add extra features or elaborate designs, you should be aware that the price will run higher and higher with the more you add or the fancier your closet gets.

You can add different additional features, like a vanity, a center island or even a dressing area. Our professional team is trained to work with you to get your dream closet installed.

Before you get into the walk in closet market, you should first get to know a little bit more about closets and the business behind it.

Custom closet systems Los Altos, CA: What is a good size for a walk in closet?

Since there is no real “right” answer for this question, since each project will vary from another because of the space you’re working with, we’re going to leave you with a few measurements.

As one of the best walk in closet makers in Los Altos California, we make sure that our custom closets fit not only your style – but your space too! Looking at the situation generally, you’ll want a walk-in that is going to be measured at least 6.5 feet wide. However, in most cases, it’s not that simple. You’ll still need to consider the various angles of the corners and other parts of the space that might get in the way.

Normally, the width will range measured in a standard of 5-12 feet – but it can reach even more, with some of our bigger total sizes of the home walk-in closet measuring around 100 sq. Feet or more!

Just like each of our clients, each walk in closet system is different. However, we usually work with ranges of a 3-foot hallway that enters into the closet, a depth of at least 5 feet if you’re building a square room, which can range all the way up to 17 feet.

The importance of size in our closets doesn’t just stop in the actual space of the closet. It also matters in the interior design. We take into account the various storage types, like cabinets with drawers, open shelving, and hanging rods. Normally, these rods, like the double rods should be set at least three feet from the floor and those that are designed for tall garments are placed with a minimum height of 5 feet above the floor.

Walk in closet makers Los Altos: How much does a custom walk in closet cost?

A regular walk in closet can cost anywhere from $1,000 and up – normally around $6,000 is the cap limit. However, several different factors can easily change up the price of the total cost of the closet.

Here are some of the factors that can easily make the closet pop but also raise the prices:

The Various Materials: What you decide to use to build your closet with can easily make or break the price. The material has a direct effect on the total cost. For example, choosing engineered wood over solid wood or real wood veeners is more cost-effective in the long run. Also, if you are rebuilding or designing the whole interior and exterior of the closet, try to avoid drywall since it takes much longer to finish than other materials. If you can avoid putting in new flooring, that can also help with the total cost.

The Location of Your Closet: Especially if you are dealing with the legality of permits, the structural changes you will make in your home will cost you money. If you’re looking to build a closet in your home, go with the areas that already have natural framing, this can help save you money. Your builder can definitely help scout out the best location.

Your Particular Design: Just like with anything else, the simpler something is, the easier it will be to build. The complexity of your design affects the total price of the product. If you are going to be adding lots of additional shelving, drawers, and other organizational features, you’re going to be looking at a hefty price tag.

Choosing Your Lighting: If the location of your future closet doesn’t already have enough lighting, you may need to hire an electrician to wire it. This will rack up the price.

Choosing Your Storage: This might take a little bit of research on your part, or a quick consultation with our experts: you can use cost-effective features like bins and mounted racks or expect to splurge on cabinets and built-in shelving.

Walk in closet systems Los Altos: How much space do you need for a walk in closet?

Depending on your home, you’ll need to have the proper walk in closet plans in place to use the space you have effectively. Some custom-built walk in closet systems can be tailored to your home, area, and space to help keep the space looking clean. However, just know that if you’re considering custom organization, you should be expecting some additional expenses. Using the most of the space you have is essential to keep that price-tag down and keep the closet cost-efficient.

Here are some budget-friendly solutions to help keep the cost down:

Consider shelving units: Shelves can go a long way in hiding shoes and clothes. This is also a great budget option because they normally are pretty affordable.

Add some valet rods: If you’re short on space, consider installing valet rods on the side of a shelf, you can hang your clothes on them.

Buying shoe box container: Nobody wants to dig through a pile of shoes. These organizational boxes or containers are a great solution.

Adding plastic bins: Whether you need to store formal wear or seasonal clothes, you can easily stow them away in some closable plastic bins.

Walk in closet systems Los Altos: Why choose us?

We designed and constructed a unique line of products that fit your needs and blend into the interior of your home making your life more comfortable. We bring clarity, calm and organization into your life.

All of our designers are real professionals with years of expertise they need in the background to help deliver the vision of your dream walk in closet and keep it within your budget. Each designer on our team has over 20 years of experience in the Los Altos area.

We also think outside the box – using creative and innovative designs that use technological and modernized advances of hardware and lighting to make the most of your space. We also use computerized 3D sketches to help you see our plans for your closet – unlike most other companies who just have sketches on paper.

We are also responsible and take pride in doing all of our own custom finishing to be able to match whatever interior decor or furniture you may have in your home – that’s what truly sets us apart from everyone else.

This, and much more, is what helps our clients choose to hire us for their customized closet. With our experience and unique customization, we hope that you now understand why we stand out as one of the top walk in closet makers in the Los Altos area. We know that there are so many options out there so we definitely take pride that you are choosing us to take care of your home.

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