Your home is what you make it. Here as walk in closet makers in Palo Alto, California, we truly believe that, no matter how your home originally looks, with the determination, vision, and design, you can turn it into your dream home. Even though walk in closet systems don’t seem like very important parts of your home, we know the impact they can make on you and your day – right from the very beginning

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Custom closet systems Palo Alto, California

When it comes to custom closet systems, we hope that you choose us for your small closet designs or walk in closet designs since we have the expertise and experience you need to see your project through. There are a ton of great options out there for walk in closet makers in Palo Alto, California, but not are equal so we’ll cover some of the most important aspects here letting you choose us with confidence for your home and closet space.

Custom closet systems Palo Alto, CA: How much is a walk in closet?

Whether you’re looking to spin off of your personal walk in closet ideas or if you’re considering one of our specific walk in closet designs for a master bedroom, for example, the price range is usually not too far off from each other.

Of course, we can’t recommend that your total price will be between $2,000 to $5000 or more which is generally the average price of a walk in closet – especially if you’re adding on extra features and elaborate designs. However, if you present us with a budget, we will do everything in our power to help you get to that design within financial reason.

However, if you have a luxurious budget for your closet and want to go all out in making it your dream come true, you can check into all the amenities that can be added, like a vanity, center island or dressing area. Either way, when working with BayFront Cabinets – professional walk in closet makers in the Palo Alto area – to install your dream closet, we guarantee expertise, precision, and experience. Even though you might think it’s a spike in price to hire a professional, working with us can definitely help you avoid costs in the long run.

Overall, the total cost of your closet system will depend on the type you choose to design, the total spectrum of the project, and your decision to add on extra features or going with basic systems to help cut the costs. Either way, we’ll help work with you to find the perfect closet for your desired price.

Walk in closet makers Palo Alto: What is a good size for a walk in closet?

The size of custom closets can vary house to house. The size of the closet and the space you take up in a room or if you add an entire space entirely will depend on your budget, the size of your home, and what you ultimately want.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to have a walk in closet that is measured at least 6.5 feet wide. However, make sure that you’re taking in all angles and corners into consideration when measuring the space out… These can come in handy or prove a detriment to the actual construction of the closet.

We normally construct walk in closets that can be anywhere from 25 sq ft to 100 sq ft or more. That being said, we always aim to work with a space that has the width of a range of 5 to 12 feet. Having that 3-foot hallway is extremely important in construction to help later on with storing space and being able to move around while inside the closet.

Not only do you need to consider the space when measuring out your home for a walk in closet, but you’ll also need to take the storage types into consideration. For example, if you plan on using cabinets with drawers, open shelving or hanging rods, there are measurements – height-wise – that you need to consider.

Walk in closet systems Palo Alto California: How much does a custom walk in closet cost?

If you’ve decided that you don’t want an average walk in closet or you really just can’t fit it in your home, you can consider getting a customized closet. Normally, you’ll be paying anywhere from $1,000 to $6,500 for a closet of that style.

However, know that various factors can change up the price when determining the total cost of the custom closet. Here are some factors that can add to or take away from the final price:

  • Material Type:
    – BayFront Custom cabinets and Closets has designed a unique line of products our customers want to buy
    – We offer pretty much any material available in the custom closet industry including smooth and real wood texture thermofused melamines and rigid thermafoil custom cabinet doors, solid wood and custom laid wood veneers and best of European and North American hardware for superior quality and longevity.
    – A large part of the final price will be affected by the original material you use to design your finished product. If you’re looking to save money, you should ask the designer to use engineered wood instead of solid wood or wood veneers when they can. The longevity of its life will last much longer and be much more cost-effective at the end of the day. If you are constructing the surrounding area of your closet, you should also keep in mind that drywall will take more time and effort to finish than other materials.
  • Closet Location: This will vary from home to home. Some homeowners are happy to expand an area of their home just to have a custom walk-in closet built for them. When building walk in closets inside an already existing house, we always try to keep the new closets within the natural frame of your home. When building a new house, your contractor or builder can help you decide the best place to build.
  • Depends on the Design: If you’re going for the simplest design, you’ll save money in the long run. And vice versa – if you’re looking to splurge on the complexity of your design, it will definitely have an impact on the total price.
  • Adding Lighting: Try and build your closet where you already have wiring there or lighting available. If you are building your closet where existing lighting is not an option, you’ll need to tack on the price of an electrician.
  • Contemplating Storage: The type of storage you choose for your closet can also affect your price. Some cheaper options, like bins and mounted racks, will help you save money while cabinets and built-in shelving will cost more.

Walk in closet makers Palo Alto California: How much space do you need for a walk in closet?

If you’re looking at the space for your walk in closet, you’ll need professional walk in closet plans. This customized organization can help you utilize the space as best as you can, which helps make the most of any of our walk in closet systems.
Space required for a walk in closet can also change depending on the type of organization you use within the closet itself.

For our clients who are looking to save space and save money, looking into these options to add to your closet is always a good idea:

  • Shelving units: Especially if you’re using your closet to store shoes, you can benefit form shelving units, which can be found at any major department store or online furniture retailer.
  • Hanging bags: These bags are handy when you don’t have the option or space for hangers. They can be stashed underneath beds or anywhere else.
  • Valet rods: If you do want to add hanging space in your closet, you can install valet rods on the side of a shelf.
  • Shoe containers: Not only do these help with storing shoes so your closet doesn’t smell, but they also help with organization.

With over 20 years of experience in the field and in the Palo Alto area, we’ve made hundreds, if not thousands, of families happy with new storage space inside their home – solving their everyday issues and creating an optimal closet space. This is the main reason why BayFront Cabinets is recognized as one of the best walk in closet makers in Palo Alto, California.

Whether you’re deciding to give our customized options a go or want to look at the selections we have available for your space, we hope that this guide has helped provide you with a bit of information you may have been needing to make a better-informed decision on your closet building plans.

Creating the perfect closet isn’t just creating a perfect storage area in your home. It’s designing the entire process – from the planning using 3-D computerized images to adjusting the finishing of the look to match your interior decor – so that we can give you the walk in closet or customized closet you‘ve always dreamed of for your home.

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